A Mother's Day Tribute
Written by Luke Wade on May 10th 2020
This second Sunday of May calls for worldwide celebration. Today is no ordinary day. Today may not be Christmas, Thanksgiving or even the 4th of July. Today we come together not just for some plain and ordinary reason, or to fill the air with hollow energy and emptiness. Today we unite wholeheartedly to give due thanks arguably to the ones in our lives that deserve it most: our mothers.

From this short and sweet Mother's Day tribute, I hope I can speak on behalf of everyone to relay this uplifting message. Throughout our lives when we needed a word of affirmation, a nugget of life advice, or that little extra push to propel us in the right direction, you were there. Through the thick and thin you were always there. When things went our way you cheered for us and let us know you were proud. When times were tough and we didn't even see the strengths you saw in us, you helped mold the landscape upon which we would persevere and fight through our adversity with your encouragement and patience. You counseled us and watched us grow, but in due time allowed and recognized that it was time for us to make our own decisions and create our own path. Thank you for this. If not from your daughter or son, I hope you can accept this through me.

Seeing all the times you have been there for your own, your flesh and blood, those for whom you would sacrifice anything for - it does not get any less compelling. Many of my clients are moms themselves, and they would move heaven and earth to ensure that their children are given all the opportunities possible to thrive in this world. It is no mystery in my mind that you are in this same boat. Even if you feel you don't do a great job expressing your love and sharing your best you have to offer, you do your best and I affirm and see that.

COVID-19 has certainly played a number on us all. But the way you have adjusted your day-to-day - your work, your never-ending demands in the home office, the kitchen - wherever you find yourself making the most difference and volunteering your time for the well-being of your little ones, family and friends is nothing short of astonishing. Thank you. Sometimes it may feel like the endless sacrifices you make are a given, and you feel you don't get recognition for the countless hours you put into paving the way for those you love. From Fort Worth, TX I see you from miles away and celebrate you and your boundless giving.

Someday, I hope to make an impact even remotely close to what you have made on your loved ones. On account of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all those who come after - thank you for your continued self sacrifice and unconditional love. May we all strive to match your level of commitment, care, loyalty, and goodness.

Most Sincerely,

Luke Wade

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